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Installing Apache Solr on Linux

August 20, 2012


  1. Install Apache Tomcat – Don’t start the server.
  2. Download and Install Solr
    $ cd /usr/local
    $ sudo wget
    $ sudo tar xvfz apache-solr-3.6.0.tgz
    $ sudo rm apache-solr-3.6.0.tgz
  3. Deploy Apache Solr to the Tomcat Server
    $ sudo cp /usr/local/apache-solr-3.6.0/dist/apache-solr-3.6.0.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/solr.war
    $ cd /usr/local
    $ sudo cp -R apache-solr-3.6.0/example/solr/ solr
  4. Start Apache Tomcat
    $ cd /usr/local/
    $ sudo sh ./tomcat/bin/
  5. Verify Installation and Configuration
    1. Open a web browser and navigate to http://{host-you-deployed-to}:8080/solr
    2. You should see a message saying:
      Welcome to Solr!

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